World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program 2023 in USA

Africa Fellowship Program 2023 in USA

Interested in joining the World Bank Group? Students can now apply for the World Bank Group Africa Fellowship program. It is more common for women to join the fellowship. This international fellowship will provide you the advantage of incorporating several professional talents into your personality, opening up numerous career options for you.

Brilliant and highly motivated students shouldn’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to join WBG in the USA. The fully financed fellowship program will aid in your understanding of the organization’s dynamics and global operations.

The World Bank Group’s paid fellowship program has made it simpler for people in the African region to acquire the advanced career-focused skills necessary for career growth in your relevant area of interest. Engaging with peers and professional mentors will provide you the chance to grow your social network. Additionally, you can play a part in the WBG’s global objective.

Additionally, you will be able to contribute ideas to the community to address the common global problems that all countries have been dealing with.

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You will gain practical experience working in an international setting thanks to the brief six-month fellowship opportunity offered by WBG. Throughout the duration of the fellowship, which spans from January 2024 to June 2024, you will need to be accessible in person.

You will need to work in the following fields: economic policy, technical aid, loan operations, and research, all of which will contribute to eradicating poverty globally. A fantastic chance has presented itself to the young, gifted Africans, and it should not be lost at any cost.

This worldwide fellowship will assist in creating a powerful galaxy of people interested in pursuing professions in the field of development, African governments, think tanks, academia, and international organizations.

During your time working in offices, you will be required to perform a variety of work assignments as part of the fully funded foreign opportunity to learn through an international organization.

You will learn more about how the WBG operates. You will gain information on how to produce and communicate knowledge, create national and international policies, and create institutions to promote inclusive growth in poor nations.

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You will also need to engage in research and provide original concepts and methods in the WBG fields through your dedication and persistent efforts.

Details about World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program 2023 in USA


Country Washington DC (US)
Organization World Bank Group
Duration of program Six months duration of World Bank

Benefits of Africa Fellowship Program 2023

  • Social networking
  • Consultant fees
  • Airfare in a budget for a round journey from a university to Washington, DC, or WBG
  • familiarity with working in the WBG

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must have recently earned their PhDs or be enrolled in their final year of study.
  • Candidates must have a strong command of both written and spoken English.
  • Candidates must have excellent quantitative and analytical abilities.
  • Candidates must be younger than 32 years old.
  • Must pledge to be accessible in person for the duration of the fellowship.

Selection Process of world Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program 2023 in USA

  1. The appropriate WBG departments will get a short list of applicants.
  2. The various WBG units will be consulted before creating the final list of applicants.
  3. The hiring decision will be communicated to the chosen candidates.

Application Deadline:

25 August, 2023 is the last date to apply for Fellowship Program 2023.

How to apply for World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program 2023

  1. Students must submit their applications via the WBG website.
  2. Just correctly complete the academic record.
  3. The information requested must be given, as necessary.
  4. You must explain how, after this fellowship, you plan to contribute to the advancement of society.
  5. Make sure you offer the necessary supporting documentation.
  6. Make sure to complete all the necessary fields.
  7. Fill out the application form completely, then submit it.

Apply for Africa Fellowship Program 2023

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