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These term and conditions are applicable on you if you are accessing this website if you are not agreeing with the terms and conditions that’s stated on this page than you have no need to stay on this website more.

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Terms and Conditions of

These are all following rule like terms and conditions, Privacy policy and disclaimer on that person who visit our website.


We apply the all cookies after accepting the notice of terms and condition before that we will never apply any cookies.  Our purpose to use the cookies to make easy for you to visit our website.  Cookies are use to retrieve the data of visitors at each visit. Cookies are used to enable some certain functionalities for you at our website. Some our marketing and advertising parties may also use the cookies. So, you are not need to worry about your information because it will be safe and secure. The purpose of getting this information to make the easy use of website for you and also this information is use for the purpose of security.


All the data that’s available at the website is the intellectual property of the website. You can use this data only for own use but you share at any other third-party website through the internet. These are the following all terms and conditions are apply for the use of data.

You are not able to publish the material that are the copy of website

You can’t sell, share our website content

You are not able reproduce and copy the data from our website

You can’t use the website content for your website.

This website offers our users to exchange the information and opinions about the quality of data and specific areas of the website.  You can share their thoughts and opinions about our website and that provides in the form of articles through the comments section of the website.

Ustadjobs website have the right to approve the any comment and also remove the any illegal comments.


Without approving the any legal approval or permission you are not able to use the frames of our website for the any appearance or presentation.


Please read the following instruction about the privacy of your information.

Data reservation

We have the authority to request you to remove the links and any other specific link from our website. You will bound to remove these links when we say about it. You are bound to follow the all terms and conditions of our website if you are continuously linking our website.

Removal of links

If you are seeing any illegal link at our website, you are able to request you to remove this link without any hesitation directly. We will consider your request and remove this link immediately and respond you directly.


We disclaim any guarantees and conditions connected to our website and the use of our website to the greatest potential permissible by law. This disclaimer in no way:

Limit are our and your responsibility for wrongful death or personal harm, as well as for fraud or false representation.

Limiting our or your responsibilities in a way that is prohibited by applicable law, or excluding our or your liabilities in a way that is prohibited by applicable law, is both possible.

The exclusions and limits of responsibility set forth in this Section and elsewhere in this disclaimer: (a) are restricted to the original post; and (b) govern various responsibilities emerging under the disclaimer.