Privacy Policy

Ustadjob Privacy Policy

Ustadjob is accessible at this link . Main focus of ustadjob is the privacy of our visitors. The main purpose of this privacy policy document page is how we will use the information is collected and recorded by the website. If you have any other question rather than our mission of privacy policy you can easily ask from us without any hesitation.

The privacy policy all details for our website visitors that show their trust and share their information at our website. This privacy policy document is appliable for those who share their information at our site but this document is not apply on those who are share their information at any other channel.

Collect Information:

At our website you should agree with our all term and condition and you should not need to worry about information. I will try to save your information and will not share with any other party. If you contact us directly than I will collect your information like your E-mail address, name, website name and content that you may send us. All these will collect for you when you to tell us anything about our article.

How we use this information

This information issue in different ways I will explain these below.

We will use this information to improve our content in future.

We understand this information and analyze how you use the site.

This is the best way to communicate with you.

This way is use to analyze this thing that the information proves helpful for you and not. If this information is not helpful for than how we improve it in better ways.

Send the emails to you for sharing important and update information with you.

This information is use to find and prevent your fraud.

Advertisement parties

ustadjob will not share their information to any other third party for advertisement. This rule is not in the term and condition of so, you are not need to worry about information we will not share your information to any third party.

Privacy rights of CCPA

According to CCPA consumer can say the business to delete their personal data that is collected from consumer trough website.

Business sells the consumer but not their personal data to any other third party.

Consumer request the business to not sell the personal data.

If you provide me any request related to personal data, we are bound to reply you of this request with in month. If you are not with these terms then you contact us directly and tell in detail about your issue.

GDPR about collected data

Right Access: you request our team for the copies of your personal data but may be our charge little amount from you for this service.

Correction: you have the right to change the data if you are sure about the data mistakes and also you have right to say for completion of data if you are sure about the incompletion of data.

Deletion: your right to say deletion of your personal data under the specific terms and condition.

Restriction: you have the right to restrict you about the processing of your personal data under the certain terms and conditions.

Transformation: it’s also your right to say for sharing of your personal data to any other third party or yourself under some specific terms and conditions.

Children data

we request the parents to check the activities of their children on the internet. We ensure all the parents ustadjobs save the all information of your children securely. You don’t need to worry about the personal information of your children that share at the ustadjob. We will never use this information to any other illegal activities and never share any other third party.