100+ppsc past papers mcqs

ppsc past papers mcqs solved

If you are looking for ppsc past papers mcqs to get help in your Preparation, you are in right place. Here, in this Article we will provide you ppsc past papers mcqs solved of Provincial Management Service (PMS) Held on June 2022. This ppsc past papers mcqs solved pdf helps a lot in your Preparation. You can try yourself to solve it. All the Answers given are authentic to make it easy for Candidates. For more ppsc past papers visit www.ustadjob.com.

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  1. First Chief Justice of Pakistan was:
  • Mian Abdur Rasheed
  1. Maqbool Butt, a leader and founder of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front martyred in year:
  • 1984
  1. Cabinet approved NSP (National Security Policy) on:
  • 28-Dec-2021
  1. The Gandhara School of Art developed during reign
  • Kushanas
  1. Who was British delegate in United Nations when Kashmir issue first discuss in UN:
  • Philip Noel Baker
  1. Deficiency of Vitamin D results in
  • Rickets
  1. Current Secretary General of OIC belongs to which country
  • Chad
  1. The currency of Israel is
  • Shekel
  1. Deficiency of Vitamin-A results in
  • Night Blindness
  1. “Flying Horse” which Pakistani Player?
  • Sami Ullah Khan
  1. International Mother Language Day is celebrated every Year on:
  • 21 February
  1. Vitamin E is stored in:
  • Adipose Tissues
  1. Limestone found is found in rock:
  • Sedimentary Rock
  1. Fat is stored in which part of the body?
  • Subcutaneous
  1. Jhelum & Chenab River meets at:
  • Trimmu

16.Taj Mahal turned yellow due to:

  • Carbon Dioxide

17.Farooq Ahmad Leghari served President of Pakistan from:

  • 1993-1997
  1. What was the theme of International Forest Day 2022?
  • Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption
  1. Author of “In the Line of Fire” is.
  • Pervaiz Musharraf
  1. Which direction does wind flow around areas of high pressure in the Northam Hemisphere?
  • Clockwise Direction
  1. Who has become the first Pakistani to win a Grammy Award?
  • Arooj Aftab
  1. The share of Oil is highest among all marketable energy consumption.

23.How many times Nishan-e-Haider has been awarded:

  • 10
  1. Who was the first Governor of Punjab after Independence:
  • Sir Francis Mudie
  1. Hamza Shahbaz is the Chief Minister of Punjab:
  • 18th
  1. Shalimar Bagh was constructed by:
  • Shah Jahan
  1. Winter Olympics 2022 were held in:
  • China
  1. Who was first Muslim musician in sub-continent
  • Ameer Khusro

29.Who was the first Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army

  • General Frank Meservy
  1. First underground drainage system was introduced by
  • Indus valley civilization
  1. Kaavan elephant was sent from Pakistan to which country on the direction of court:
  • Cambodia
  1. Who was Pakistan’s First Civil Martial Law Administrator?
  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
  1. Moinuddin Ahmed Qureshi became caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan in
  • July 1993
  1. Tropical cyclone becomes hurricane at speed more than:
  • 74 mph
  1. U2 incident took place in:
  • 1960
  1. When Federal Shariat Court established:
  • 1980
  1. Governor of East Bengal after Independence:
  • Frederick Bourne
  1. 1965 War lasted for how many days:
  • 17 Days
  1. “Instrument of accession to India is illegal and fraudulent”. This Statement said by which one of the following
  • Quaid-e-Azam
  1. Ozone layer is present in which Atmosphere Zone:
  • Stratosphere
  1. Abdul Karim known as Little Karim was:
  • Mountaineer
  1. London is situated on the bank of which river:
  • Thames
  1. A train left a station at 8:35 a.m. and arrived at its destination at 3:12 p.m. Total time taken by train to reach is:
  • 6 Hours 37 Minutes
  1. Which Muslim majority area was given to India to accommodate for access to Kashmir:
  • Gurdaspur
  1. Planet which is nearest to the Earth is:
  • Mercury
  1. The cultural center of Gandhara Civilization was:
  • Taxila
  1. How many general seats are there in the National Assembly of Pakistan:
  • 272
  1. Punjab Repealing and Removal of Difficulties Ordinance 2022 was promulgated to:
  • Curtail the Powers of Speaker
  1. Which country president visited Pakistan in March 2022:
  • Uzbekistan
  1. Which country was named world’s happiest country in The World Happiness Report in 2022:
  • Finland
  1. Sedimentary rocks are:
  • Porous
  1. Holy Quran was first translated in which language in the Sub-continent:
  • Sindhi
  1. The euro currency was launched on:
  • January 1999
  1. Which regulator controls Pakistan Stock Exchange:
  • Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  1. Constantinople fell into the hands of the Muslims in:
  • 1453
  1. Fructose sugar is also known as:
  • Monosaccharides
  1. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan:
  • 24-Dec-1979
  1. “Shahrah e Pakistan” book written by:
  • Chaudhry Khaliq zaman
  1. The OIC was founded in:
  • 1969
  1. Vitamin-B6 is also known as:
  • Pyridoxine
  1. In accounting of non-profit organizations the sale of old newspapers is generally considered as:
  • Revenue Income
  1. When Indira Ghandhi imposed emergency in India:
  • 1975
  1. Chinese foreign minister attended the OIC foreign minister meeting 2022 as a Special Guest. His name is:
  • Wang Yi
  1. Cease-fire line established between Pakistan and India in:
  • 1949
  1. Minimal point of soil moisture the plant requires is known as:
  • Wilting point
  1. Law of Independent. Assortment was given by.
  • Mendel
  1. Angela Merkel served as the Chancellor of Germany:
  • 16 Years
  1. Pakistan is on which list of FATF currently:
  • Grey
  1. The World Bank was created in:
  • 1944
  1. How many presidents of United States were assassinated:
  • 4
  1. Income and expenditure depicts the
  • Surplus
  1. HP processing of fruit and vegetables means:
  • High Pressure

73.Which of the following is least pollutant

  • Natural Gas
  1. The sugar present in milk is:
  • Lactose
  1. KUNA is official state news agency of which country
  • Kuwait
  1. Who is called Father of History?
  • Herodotus
  1. Maulana Jalal-yd-Din Rumi was born in:
  • Balkh, Afghanistan
  1. Who painted the Mona Lisa painting?
  • Leonardo-Da-Vinci

79.To which country Christopher Columbus did belong:

  • Italy
  1. Cholistan desert is also called:
  • Rohi Desert
  1. Protein present in egg yolk is rich in:
  • Thiamine
  1. The value of an article is 12000. Each year it depreciates by 5%. Write Value of article after 4 Years
  • 9774
  1. The strength of class is 6000 in 1994 what was the enrollment in 1970 if enrollment was double after 8 years:
  • 750
  1. In power point, the header and footer Button can be found in which group:
  • Text Group
  1. Osteoma Lacia is caused by the deficiency of:
  • Vitamin D
  1. How many members are there in SAARC:
  • 8
  1. The latest member of SAARC is:
  • Afghanistan
  1. In US. National Sanctity of Human Life(also called Right to Life) Day 2022 was celebrated on:
  • 22-January
  1. The gas. commonly known as “laughing gas” is:
  • Nitrous Oxide
  1. What is the shortcut key for hyperlinking in MSWord.
  • CTRL+K
  1. MS excel is used for preparing
  • Spreadsheet
  1. A high quality CAD system uses…for printing and drawing purposes
  • Digital Plotter
  1. Which of the following isn’t a hardware
  • Windows XP

94.What is minimum and maximum font size available in formatting toolbar:

  • 8 and 72

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