Physics mcqs for class 11 chapter wise with answers

physics mcqs for the part 1

Here we provide you all physics mcqs for the part 1 which not only helps you in your Objective Portion but also helps in future. These Physics Mcqs are made from whole chapter of inter Part 1 Book of all Punjab boards, check the physics mcqs for class 11 chapter wise with answers.

Check the physics mcqs for class 11 chapter wise with answers


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Chapter 1 (Measurements)

  • X Rays discovered by which of the following

WC Roentgen

  • Pascal is a unit of

Young Modulus/Stress/Pressure

  • Numbers are represented in Scientific Notation as

Power of Ten

  • 10^1 represents

Prefix Deca

  • Measurement Errors occurrence due to

Inexperience/Fault Apparatus/Inappropriate Method

  • Wave Mechanics Introduced by

De Broglie

  • The idea that Light is Electromagnetic waves introduced by

Maxwell Plank

  • Laws of Physics Expressed in Terms of

Base Quantities/Derived Quantities

  • Study of Nature is Classified into

Two Branches

  • Which one is the area of Physics


  • The Overlapping of Physics and Other Fields?

Interdisciplinary areas of physics

  • System International (SI) units was established in


  • Pascal is Famous for his


  • Scientist having contribution in geometric optics


  • SI unit for measuring plane angle


  • SI unit of time is redefined in


  • Basic unit in System International


  • Number of nano second in a year


  • One Year is equal to

2*10^7 sec

  • One Light Year is equal to


  • SI unit of intensity of Light


  • SI unit of amount of substance


  • SI unit of angular momentum

Kg m²/s

  • Light reach from Sun to Earth in time period of

8 min 20 sec

  • Time taken by light to reach from Moon to Earth

1 min 20 sec

  • Unit of Pressure in Base units


  • Mean Radius of the Earth is

4*10^6 m

  • Steradian is defined as

Area of a strip/(radius)²

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