Pakistan studies mcqs for ppsc pdf

Pakistan studies mcqs for nts test pdf

These are the latest Pakistan studies mcqs for ppsc pdf gathered from different Past Papers of Competitive Exams. These Pakistan Studies Mcqs helps you very much about your Preparation regarding PPSC, FIA, NAB, FPSC etc. These Pakistan studies mcqs for nts test pdf also provide you.

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The (NAB) National Accountability Bureau was founded in?

    • 1999

Shrine of Makhdoom Sarwar Nooh located were

    • Matiari

“Watayo Faqeer’s” tomb is in

    • Tando Allahyar

Lahore Resolution was given by

    • k Fazal ul Haq

Urdu-Hindi controversy started in

    • 1867

The PAF started inducted female Pilots in

    • 2006

Who built the Lahore

    • Akbar

The Elite Force was formed in

    • 1998

FPSC is governed by

    • FPSC ordinance 1977

Polio officially started in Pakistan in

    • 1994

Which is the first ever law university in Pakistan

    • SZABUL

Where is Kalash Valley

    • Kpk

Darul Uloom Deoband was founded in

    • 31 May 1866

US Ambassador who died with General Zia ul Haq in plane crashed

    • Arnold Lewis Raphel

What was Khojak Pass second name

    • Toba Kaker

Wazir Mansion is in which city

    • Karachi

Shah jehan Mosque is built by shah jehan. It is in which city

    • Thatta

Trich mir mountain in which mountain range?

    • Hindukush

Muztagh pass connects

    • Baltistan with Yarkand

When Petroleum Exploration in Pakistan started

    • 1866

Pakistan issued first postal stamp

    • 9th July 1948

The crescent in the Pakistan Flags represents

    • Progress

Salwan Kot is the old name of

    • Sialkot

“APP” news agency belongs to

    • Pakistan

First Newspaper to use theĀ  “Quaid e Azam” title

    • Dawn Daily

Real name of Shah Wali Ullah

    • Qutubddin Ahmed

When Shah Wali Ullah died

    • 1762

Back Picture on 5000 Pakistan Rupees

    • Faisal Mosque

Rawat Fort is located in

    • Punjab

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was died in

    • 27 March 1898

Pakistan Maritime Security agency belongs to which branch

    • Pakistan Navy

Total Number of Railway stations in Pakistan

    • 1184

Most Popular spot on Do Darya is

    • Kolachi

“Noor Mahal” which city of Pakistan

    • Bahawalpur

Pakistan Red Crescent Society Headquarters in

    • Islamabad

(PNA) Pakistan National Alliance was launched against

    • Z A Bhutto

Amir Taimur invaded India in

    • 1398

Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai was famous Poet of

    • 18th Century

How many Urdu words are used in National Anthem of Pakistan

    • 1

The Book “Friends not Masters” written by

    • General Ayub Khan

Treaty of Friendship” by which two countries

    • Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Which city name of Pakistan is known as “The Forest in the Sky”

    • Shugran

Sher Shah Suri is known for

    • Land Revenue System

Mirpur khas is Famous for

    • Mangoes
  • What was the name of architecture of Mazar e Iqbal
    • Nawaz Zain Yar jang Bahadur

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