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We will provide you the ms word shortcut keys free download that will help you to pass your MS word exam.

Welcome to the ” MS word MCQs pdf download” – your handy resource for testing and improving your knowledge of Microsoft Word! This MS word MCQs pdf contains a collection of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) that designed to assess your understanding of different features and functions in Microsoft Word.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to enhance your basic skills or an advanced user aiming to sharpen your expertise, these theory questions on MS word MCQs cover a range of topics, from the fundamental operations to the more advanced functionalities within Microsoft Word. At the end of article MS word mcqs pdf free download.

MS word MCQs pdf
MS word MCQs pdf

Check Ms Word Shortcut keys Free Download


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1.Key used to increase selected font +1pts?


2.CTRL+SHIFT+< is used for

Decrease selected font

3.key used to decrease selected font -1pts?

CTRL+[ to insert a cent (¢) sign in MS word?


5.How to view or hide non printing characters


6.Short cut key to move one word to the left of character?


7.Short cut key to move one word the right?


8.Which key we should use to move the beginning of line or paragraph?


9.How to move to the end of paragraph?


10.How to delete word to the right of cursor in MS word?


11.How to delete word to the left of cursor?


12.CTRL+2 is used for


13.CTRL+ALT+3 is used for


14.How to open another Microsoft word document?


15.Alternative key to display the print view?


16.How to create a soft break instead of creating new paragraph in MS word?


17.How to paste anything in Word document?


18.CTRL+= is used

To set selected text as SUBSCRIPT

19.CTRL+SHIFT+= is used

To set selected text as SUPERSCRIPT

20.Key for copy the selected text?


21.key used to paste the selected text?


22.How to open the replace box in MS Word?


23.To go “Go to” short cut key is


24.How to underline the selected text?


25.How to underline word but not spaces


26.How to open the print window in MS word?


27.Which key is used in MS word to align the selected text to the right of the screen?


28.How to indent paragragh in MS Word?


29.Short cut key to open new document?


30.Alternative key for changing the font?


31.CTRL+SHIFT+F10 is used in MS word

To activate the ruler

32.How to remove the document window split


33.Short cut key to move the cursor to the end of document


34.Short cut key to move the cursor to the beginning of document?


35.CTRL+0 is used for


36.F1 is used


37.Short cut key to reveal formatting?


38.F2 is used


39.F4 is used

To repeat the last action performed

40.F10 is used

To activate the menu bar

41.How to reduce the size of selection in MS word?


42.Short cut key to activate thesaurus?


43.How to save the document in MS word?


44.Short cut key to assign bookmark?


45.How to hide/view the hidden text?


46.Key for mail merge-edit data document is


47.How to switch to a outline view in word document?


48.How to switch to a normal view in word document?


49.How to switch to a print layout view in word document?


50.Short cut key to show columns?


What is the best use of word processor in computer?

  1. Paint to picture
  2. Income and expenses workout
  3. Image drawing
  4. Type a story

What are the advanced features that can speed up the editing and formatting

  1. comment
  2. track changes
  3. ribbon
  4. macros

For the movement of data from one part of document to another part of document which of the following method is used?

  1. Cut and delete
  2. Cut and paste
  3. Copy and paste
  4. Copy and delete

Which of the following key is use to going at the end of document?

  1. Num Lock
  2. Home
  3. End
  4. ESC

What is the name of the method that is use to display the information such as page title and page number etc.

  1. Auto correct
  2. Insert table
  3. Header and footer option
  4. Alignment option

Set of pre-defined elements that use for the decoration of the documents such color and fonts etc. is called

  1. Plugins
  2. Theme
  3. Format painter
  4. Line spacing

Which of the shortcut key that is used to align the selected text at the right side of the documents.

  1. Ctrl + A
  2. Ctrl + R
  3. Ctrl + B
  4. Ctrl + N

Which of the tool is not belongs to the MS Word family tools?

  1. Italic
  2. Magic tool
  3. Font
  4. Bold

Which of the following is the edition of Microsoft Word?

  1. Microsoft word 2007
  2. Microsoft word 2013
  3. Microsoft word 2016
  4. Microsoft word 1020

 Which option from the given following options is example of page orientation?

  1. Landscape
  2. A4
  3. Letter
  4. Subscript

Which of the following software is suitable for making CV?

  1. MS Excel
  2. MS Word
  3. MS PowerPoint
  4. MS Outlook

Which of the following key is used to open the help window in MS word?

  1. F1
  2. F2
  3. F3
  4. F4

Which of the following option is used to send the same letter to different people?

  1. Macros
  2. Template
  3. Mail merge
  4. None of these

Which of the following option is used to check the commonly used tolls and commands?

  1. Status bar
  2. Tool bar
  3. Menu bar
  4. Title bar

Which of the following bar is used to show current position as for as the text goes?

  1. Status bar
  2. Tool bar
  3. Menu bar
  4. Title bar

Ctrl + N is the command that is used for which purpose in MS Word?

  1. Save the document
  2. Open the existing document
  3. Create the new document
  4. Close the already open document

Which of the following person is known as the father of MS word?

  1. Martin copper
  2. Charlas Simonyi and Richard brodie
  3. Bill gate
  4. Job Steve

Which of the following shortcut key is use for changing the font in Microsoft word document

  1. Ctrl + shift + F
  2. Alt + Shift + F
  3. Alt + F
  4. None of these

Which of following is the correct option for the smallest and the greatest font size available in Microsoft word?

  1. 6 to 70
  2. 7 to 71
  3. 8 to 72
  4. 9 to 73

Which of the following option of MS word is used to navigate the documents?

  1. Frames
  2. Hyperlinks
  3. Web toolbar
  4. Insert

Ctrl + Z is the MS Word shortcut used for which purpose from which of the following given below options?

  1. Undo the last Command
  2. Redo the last command
  3. Add the new page in the document
  4. Past the whole clipboard at the place of the cursor

Ctrl + w is the MS Word shortcut used for which purpose from which of the following given below options?

  1. Save and print the document
  2. Save and close the document
  3. Save and continue the document
  4. Save and open the new document

MS word shortcut keys free download

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