Most important mcqs of general knowledge

General knowledge mcqs

Most important mcqs of general
Most important mcqs of general

Here are the Most important mcqs of general knowledge for PPSC, NTS, Fpsc, Kppsc, Ots, Uts, Pts, Cts and all other testing agencies in Pakistan. These general knowledge mcqs is consist on differnet types of mcqs like international current affairs mcqs, Pakistan current affairs mcqs, World current affairs mcqs and events mcqs.

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Here are the most important mcqs of general knowledge


01: The first currency note issued by the State Bank of Pakistan was in the denomination of:

  1. Rs.1
  2. Rs.2
  3. Rs.5
  4. Rs.10

Answer: B

02: The first currency note of SBP was issued on_____?

  1. January 1, 1949
  2. March 1, 1949
  3. June 10, 1949
  4. July 1, 1949

Answer: B

03: During period of One unit who was first governor of West Pakistan?

  1. Ameer Muhammad khan
  2. Muhammad sharif khan
  3. Akhtar Hussain
  4. Mushtaq Ahmad Gormani

Answer: D

04: Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan for shortest time?

  1. I.I.Chundrigar
  2. Nurul Amin
  3. M.Feroz Khan Noon
  4. M.Ali Bogra

Answer: B

05: The first coin of Pakistan was designed by_____?

  1. A.R chughtai
  2. Abdul majeed
  3. Brandley
  4. Douglas Gray

Answer: C

06: The Tashkent declaration between Pakistan and India was signed on?

  1. 1 January 1966
  2. 10 January 1966
  3. 20 January 1966
  4. 1 February 1966

Answer: B

07: Shimla Agreement between Pakistan and India signed on:

  1. 2 June 1972
  2. 12 June 1972
  3. 2 July 1972
  4. 12 July 1972

Answer: C

08: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was founded on_____?

  1. 25 April 1996
  2. 25 April 1997
  3. 25 April 1998
  4. 25 April 1999

Answer: A

09: Which of the following women was participate in all three Round of table Conferences?

  1. Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz
  2. Begum Salma Tasaduq Hussain
  3. Begum Shaista Ikramullah
  4. Begum qazi Esa

Answer: A

10: what is the author Name of the book  ”Struggle for Pakistan” ?

  1. I.H. Qureshi
  2. K.k AZIZ
  3. Aysha Jalal
  4. Shahid Rafique

Answer: A

11: Altit Fort is situated in_____?

  1. Hunza
  2. Peshawar
  3. D.I.Khan
  4. Thatha

Answer: A

12: Who is the Founder of Pakistan?

  1. Allama Iqbal
  2. Iskander Mirza
  3. Rahmat Ali
  4. Quaid-e-Azam

Answer: D

13: Which city of Pakistan is called the Switzerland of Pakistan?

  1. Islamabad
  2. Swat
  3. Chagai
  4. Gilgit

Answer: B

14: Which city of Pakistan is called city of lights?

  1. Peshawar
  2. Multan
  3. Karachi
  4. Lahore

Answer: C

QNo1: “Valetta” is the capital of:

  1. A) Finland
  2. B) Malta✔️
  3. C) Senegal
  4. D) Congo

QNo2: Which of the following Desert is largest in area wise?

  1. A) The Sahara✔️
  2. B) Gobi
  3. C) Takla Makan
  4. D) Thar

QNo3: “Nanga Parbat” is the most famous and high mountain Peak of:

  1. A) Karakoram range
  2. B) Himalayas range✔️
  3. C) HinduKush range
  4. D) Sulaiman range

QNo4: Which of the following Country is the ‘Peninsula’?

  1. A) Brazil
  2. B) Japan
  3. C) Greenland
  4. D) Saudi Arabia✔️

QNo5: Which of the following Country is largest population wise?

  1. A) Russia
  2. B) Indonesia
  3. C) China✔️
  4. D) India

QNo6: Which part of world called “Cockpit of Europe”?

  1. A) Belgium✔️
  2. B) Ireland
  3. C) Netherlands
  4. D) Greenland

QNo7: Which of the following Asian subcontinent countries is landlocked?

  1. A) Pakistan
  2. B) India
  3. C) Afghanistan✔️
  4. D) China

QNo8: Identify the biggest Island:

  1. A) Greenland✔️
  2. B) Iceland
  3. C) New Zealand
  4. D) Taiwan

QNo9: Identify the Coldest Planet in the world:

  1. A) Neptune✔️
  2. B) Venus
  3. C) Jupiter
  4. D) Mars

QNo9: Which is highest Mountain Pass in the world?

  1. A) Khunjerab Pass✔️
  2. B) Kilik Pass
  3. C) Alpine
  4. D) None of the above

QNo10: Identify Largest ‘Salt-Water Lake’ in all over the world:

  1. A) Lake Superior
  2. B) Baikal Lake
  3. C) Caspian Sea✔️
  4. D) Muncher Lake

QNo11: Which of the following longest strait of world?

  1. A) Malacca✔️
  2. B) Gibraltar
  3. C) Bosporus
  4. D) Dover

QNo12: Which of the following country to open the first embassy in Pakistan:

  1. A) Afghanistan
  2. B) Turkey
  3. C) Saudi Arabia


QNo13: Light Blub was invented by?

  1. A) Newton
  2. B) Thomas Edison✔️


D)None of Them

QNo14: When did Nawaz Sharif became prime minister of pakistan for the first time?

  1. A) 6th December 1990
  2. B) 6th November 1990✔️
  3. C) 6th January 1991
  4. D) 6th February 1992

QNo15: Which is highest railway station in Asia subcontinent?

  1. A) Quetta
  2. B) Kalat
  3. C) Kan Mehtarzai✔️
  4. D) Sibi

QNo16:  chose the correct option “Take your first left then go over the bridge”.

What is word ‘Take’ in English parts of Speech

  1. Noun
  2. Preposition
  3. Verb✔️
  4. Adjective

QNo17: choose the correct option “There is a party next week though I don’t think I can go”.

What is word “though” in English parts of Speech

  1. Preposition
  2. Conjunction✔️
  3. Adverb
  4. Noun

QNo18: Sometimes he does not listen properly.

What is word “Sometimes” in English parts of speech

  1. Preposition
  2. Noun
  3. Pronoun
  4. Adverb✔️

QNo19: choose the correct option “He came back because he ran out of money”.

What is the word “because” in English parts of Speech.

  1. Interjection
  2. Preposition
  3. Conjunction✔️
  4. Adverb

QNo20: choose the correct option “The internet has become part of everyday life”.

What is the word ‘everyday’ in English parts of speech.

  1. Adjective✔️
  2. Adverb
  3. Article
  4. Pronoun

Conclusion about most important mcqs of general knowledge

Final thoughts about most important mcqs of general knowledge, these general knowledge mcqs we gather from different books(Ppsc, Nts, Fpsc books) and some gather from authentic websites.

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