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Mcat Physics Mcqs

These are the Latest mcat physics mcqs pdf for the Preparation of Competitive Exams. These Physics Mcqs gathered from different Past Papers of PPSC, FPSC, PMS and CSS. Candidates who want to appear in Atomic Energy or Lecturer Physics can prepare these Mcqs. Check the mcat physics mcqs pdf below.

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Here Are the Mcat Physics Mcqs Pdf are given Below.

1) After Merging all the colors of Rainbow, the resultant color is

    • White

2) Total No. of Categories Physical Quantities are divided

    • 2

3) SI unit of coefficient of viscosity

    • Kg m-1. S-1

4) One Light Year is equal to

    • 5*10^15 m

5) Steradian is SI unit of

    • Solid angle measure

6) Zero Error of the instrument is the type of

    • Systematic Error

7) The field in which work done in a moving body along closed path is zero

    • Conservative Field

8) When a force is parallel to the direction of motion of body then the work done on the body is

    • Maximum

9) The Average Power becomes equal to instantaneous power

    • If work is done at uniform rate

10) Horsepower and watt can be related as

    • 1 hp= 746 watt

11) Slope of work time graph equals to what?

    • Power

12) The highest value of escape velocity in

    • Jupiter

13) Work has same dimensions as of

    • Torque

14) Work done by friction

    • Negative

15) Propulsion force of a rocket is

    • Non-Conservative Force

16) Which source of energy is Geo thermal energy

    • renewable

17) The source of tidal energy is

    • Moon

18) Solar energy Conversion into electrical energy

    • Photovoltaic cells

19) Biomass can be converted to fuels by

    • Direct Combustion/Fermentation

20) In Vibratory motion

    • Total Energy Remains Constant

21) The wave form of S.H.M is

    • Sine wave

22) Time Period of a Second Pendulum is

    • 2 Seconds

23) The Length of Second Pendulum is

    • 2 cm

24) If Length of Second Pendulum is four times, then its time period is

    • Two times

25) The Frequency of a Second Pendulum is

    • 5 Hertz

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