Top 10 long hair style man in 2023

Long hair style man

Long hair style man are very popular in modern world. Ver big markets that working on the man hair styles and earning lot of money. If you want long hair style man looking for some inspiration then you are in right place. We will explain for you complete detail about long hair style man in this article.

In this article we will discuss different types of hair style for man and key points of each hair style. We will share some unique styles with you that’s are totally new for you. So, let’s gets started and explore some styles.

Details about long hair style man


Man Bun

The man bun is long hair style for man that become more popular in the recent years. In this style gather the hairs at back of the head and securing hair into a bun.  This is the more trending hair style in mans these days. You can see the practical look of such type hair style in the picture that given below.

long hair style



Ponytail is the classic long hairstyle for the boys. In ponytail gathering the hairs and tied the back of the like tail. This style is also very famous these days. It is the very simple and easy way to keeps the hair neat and clean. You can keep hair away from the face and neck using pony hairstyle method. Use can the see the practical image of such type of hair style below.

long hair style

Wavy or Curly Long Hair

Very beautiful style of hairs. Hairs are naturally curly in the form of wave. When curly hairs moving in the form waves at the back side of neck looking so charming.  You can see such type of hair style in below image.

long hair style


Shoulder-Length Layered Hair man

Shoulder-Length Layered Hairs is a stylish choice that use for gaining popularity in the modern fashion world. This type of hair style provides a very beautiful looks for mans. Now a days this type of hair style is very popular. Hair length ends on the shoulder and hairs cuts in the form of layers. Hair movement is very easy in this style. You can see the complete idea of hair style in the given belo9w picture.

Shoulder-Length Layered Hair

Long Undercut

This style of hairs not so popular yet. In this style hairs are shorts from both sides and back but long at the top. Hairs at the top of the head very long. This style also gaining popularity in these days. You can look the example of this type hair style in given below image.



This is the more different style of hairs from all other style. Dreadlocks is the rich hair style and very unique style. In this style twisting the hair in the form of ropes. Dreadlocks style is the most famous style in Africans and Crabeans. Dreadlocks style famous in both man and women’s.

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This style also show the traditions and fashions. You can see amazing look of Dreadlocks hair style in given below picture.


Braids for men have become a prominent and fashionable hairstyle choice for different countries. Braids hair style is the part of different traditions, cultures and fashions. Men’s can experiment with various types of braids hair styles, such as classic cornrows, box braids, French braids, or even fishtail braids, depending on their hair length and face look. You can see the wonderful look of braids hair style in the given below picture.

Flow Hairstyle

The “Flow Hairstyle” for men, also known as the “hockey hair” or “surfer hair,” has become a popular in different regions. Flow Hairstyle become an iconic choice for those who are seeking a versatile and stylish appearance. This style of hairs is most common and more beautiful.

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Flow Hairstyle look wise groom the personality. You can see the beautiful example of Flow Hairstyle in given below picture.


Messy textured hair

Messy textured hair for men is a popular hairstyle that has become a go-to choose for those who seeking a stylish look. Achieving this style often involves using hair products such as sea salt sprays or texturizing pastes to enhance the hair’s style according to Messy textured hair.

This type of hair style also enhances the personality. You can see the one most amazing example of Messy textured hair style in given below picture.

Messy textured

Half-Up Half-Down

The Half-Up Half-Down hairstyle, once a most popular choice primarily among women’s, has now crossing gender boundaries and become a trendy and stylish option for the men’s with long hair.

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The half-up portion can be styled in various ways, from a simple and effortless is tied back at the head.  You can the amazing look of such type of hair style in the given below picture.


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