Latest jobs in Dubai for freshers With Handsome Salary

Latest jobs in Dubai for freshers

Latest jobs in Dubai: In this article guide we will complete guide you about Latest jobs in Dubai for Freshers and also tell you about how to get freshers jobs in Dubai.

Here are the Latest jobs in Dubai for freshers

  1. Payroll Administrator

Payroll Administrator Jobs in Dubai

Job Title Payroll Administrator
Country Dubai
Career Mid-Career
Salary AED 4001-5000
Experience 2 – 5 Years
Gender Any
Job Type Full Time
Street Al Barsha
Last Date 28 September 2023
Apply On 971581928010


Description of Payroll Administrator

To be in charge of all payroll procedures, we need a capable payroll administrator. The monitoring of employee data, checking the correctness of timesheets, calculating wages, and ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time are all tasks that fall within the purview of payroll administrators.

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You need to be proficient in math and be able to multitask well to succeed as a payroll administrator. In the end, a top-notch payroll administrator should be able to efficiently and accurately manage every area of payroll.

The duties of a payroll administrator include informing staff members and responding to their inquiries about payroll-related issues.

Managing time tracking software or manually gathering and analyzing time sheets.

calculating the number of hours that must be paid, commissions, bonuses, and tax withholdings.

creating and distributing earnings reports.

Payroll administration and direct deposit control.

upkeep of personnel records.

collaborating with the HR division to guarantee accurate personnel data.

giving the accounting department administrative support.

Administrator of Payroll Requirements:

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GED or high school diploma is necessary.

Preferably with a degree in accounting, finance, or business administration.

experience working in a payroll office for more than two years.

proficiency with payroll software and Microsoft Office.

strong talent for math and meticulousness.

excellent written and vocal communication skills.

good organizational and time management abilities.

working familiarity with pertinent legal requirements.ACCOUNT ASSISTANT Jobs in Dubai

Country Dubai
Career Management
Salary AED 5001-7000
Experience 1 – 2 Years
Gender Any
Job Type Full Time
Last Date 28 September 2023
Apply On 971581928010



We are looking for reliable applicants who prioritize efficiency over correctness. Accountants should prepare transparent and comprehensive management reports, manage several activities with tight deadlines, and work with vast amounts of numerical data. You should have a solid understanding of accounting and financial rules and procedures as well as excellent computer, oral, and written communication skills.

Accountants need to be on time, truthful, detail-oriented, professional, and analytical in order to succeed. The best applicants will be able to effectively convey complicated quantitative facts to decision-makers through exceptional presentation abilities.

Accountant Responsibilities:

Observing all corporate, neighborhood, regional, state, and federal accounting and financial regulations.

gathering, investigating, and publishing financial data.

creating recurring reports, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, etc.

presenting information to investors, managers, and other groups.

keeping precise financial records.

conducting audits and addressing errors.

calculate taxes.

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maintaining knowledge of the most recent financial and accounting laws.

creating budgets and financial predictions to aid management in making decisions.

Accountant Requirements:

an accounting or comparable subject bachelor’s degree.

It may be preferred to have more training or experience.

There may be a need for particular licenses or certifications.

strong communication, computer, and analytical skills.

knowledge of accounting, financial operations, and mathematics.

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