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Latest current affairs mcqs with
Latest current affairs mcqs with

Here are the latest current affairs mcqs with answers


➡️country have two national anthems > new zealand, Denmark

➡️country has no national anthem> Cyprus

➡️country has shortest national anthem >Japan

➡️country has longest national anthem >Greece

➡️country has no words in national anthem > Spain


➡️Shanghai five group founded on 26 April 1996

➡️SCO was created on 15 June 2001

➡️8 member states

➡️4 observer (Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia, Belarus)

➡️official language China and Russia

➡️Pak joined 09-06-2017

⬅️علامہ اقبال کی پہلی نثر کی کتاب۔۔علم الاقتصاد – 1903ء

⬅️پہلی فارسی شاعری  کتاب۔اسرار خودی۔۔شائع۔1915

⬅️پہلی اردو شاعری کی کتاب..بانگ درا۔۔شائع۔1924

✅The largest and the most populated city in the world, Tokyo, Japan

✅World’s largest lake is Caspian Sea.

✅World’s largest river is Amazon.

✅World’s largest desert is Sahara Desert.

✅World’s largest Ocean is Pacific Ocean.

✅World’s largest Sea Philippines Sea.

✅World’s largest Island is Greenland.

✅World’s Highest Mountain is Mount Everest.

✅World’s Tallest Tree is Redwood Sequoia.

The largest producer of cheese is USA✅

The largest producer of cotton is China ✅

The largest producer of Steel is USA✅

The largest producer of Wheat is China ✅

🟣 Computer Generations

✅1st generation Vacuum Tubes

✅2nd Generation Transistors

✅3rd Generation Integrated Circuit

✅4th Generation Microprocessor

✅5th Generation Artificial Intelligence

🟣 Instruments

✅ Hydrometer measures humidity

✅ Barometer measures atmospheric pressure

✅Purity of milk is measured by lactometer

✅Fathometer measures the depth of oceans

✅Largest Dam in the world is Three Gorges Dam in China.

✅Highest Dam in the world is nurek dam in Tajikistan.

✅Smallest Dam in the world is The Inks Dam.

✅Deepest Dam in the world is Parker Dam.

✅One fathom is = to 6 feet (1.8288 m)

✅A fathom is a unit of length in the imperial and the U.S.

✅fathom used especially for measuring the depth of water

✅Venus is Nearest planet to earth

✅1st private channel launched in 1990

✅name of the 1st chairman senate Habibullah khan

✅name of 1st woman judge of High court Majida Rizvi.

✅name of 1st constructed barrage in Pakistan Sukkur Barrage

✅name of 1st largest fish catching country in the world China

✅country name where 1st super market build France

✅world largest food company name Nestle

✅largest area wise forest country is Russia

✅black mountains is located in the Germany

✅who started the Indian national congress A.Hume

✅Sir Syed born in 1817 and died in 1897

✅Quaid e Azam join the Muslim League in 1913

✅first world war started in 1914

✅1st world war end in 1918

✅Started date of Muslim League 30 Dec !906

✅ Name of the 1st president of Muslim league Sir Agha Khan

✅1st Muslim president is Dr. Zakir Hussain

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