Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023

italy seasonal work visa 2023 apply online

Amazing opportunity to all Non-European Candidates to get a Job Offer in Italy from a Company or Employer in Italy through Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023.

Government of Italy has announced 44000 Visa for Non-Europe applicants for Seasonal work for the time Period of 9 Months. Italian Government has announced Italy Seasonal Work Visa under the Program Decreto Flussi, which usually tells about work visa for seasonal or non-seasonal work.

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You will apply from italy seasonal work visa 2023 official website, so stay with us we will give you the link of official website link. we will also tell you the italy seasonal work visa 2023 opening date.

Different Sectors have different Jobs. The main sectors for Seasonal Work are:

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Horticulture
  • Entertainment
  • Seasonal work jobs
  • Salaried employment visa
  • Long-term seasonal work for two years

Visit Italy embassy in your country to make sure about your eligibility of Italy seasonal Work Visa 2023. Fees of Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023 is 116 Euro which varies from Country to Country. It Depends upon currency of your Country. We Suggest you avail this beautiful opportunity to settle down because you can earn up to 2100 euro Per Month. Compare it with your country’s currency, you will be surprised.

Italy is amongst the Top 10 World’s Strongest Economy and has an GDP rate of $2.16 Trillion nand it increases day by day. It Provides a lot of opportunities to International Applicants either for study or work. Now Italian Government has announced Italy Seasonal Work Visa through Decreto Flussi Program to work in Italy for specific duration.

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Check details about italy seasonal work visa 2023 apply online


Host Country Italy
Eligible Countries Non-Europe
Program Decreto Flussi
Duration 9 Months
Visa Type Seasonal
Last Date to Apply 31-Dec-2023

Benefits of Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023:

  • Earn Handsome amount of money.
  • Get Bonus on overtime.
  • Explore Culture of Italy
  • Paid Vacations
  • Maternity, Paternity, Sick Leaves

Eligible Countries for Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023:

Countries having Bilateral Agreement are:

Albania, Algier, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kosovo, Mali, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Tunisia, Philippines, South Korea, SriLanka, Republic of North Macedonia, Senegal, Serbia, Sudan. If you want to know more about  italy seasonal work visa 2023 update then visit on regular baises.

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What is National Visa D for Italy?

If you stay in Italy longer then 90 days then you apply for  National D visa.

When to Apply for Permit Residence in Italy?

Once you receive your Italy work visa, then you travel to Italy, 8 days of arriving in Italy, then you have to apply for permit residence for Italy.

How to apply for work National Visa D?

If you are not an EU citizen, you must have a job offer from Italy in order to apply for an Italy work visa.

  • The job offer often has to come from an Italian employer. It may or may not be a seasonal job.
  • Your employer will receive authorization to work following the job offer.
  • After that, you can fill out the Italy work visa application form and apply for an Italy work visa.
  • At the Italian representation in your nation, submit an application for a work visa for Italy.
  • Italian Representation refers to the Italian Embassy in your nation.

Requirements for Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023:

To be eligible for Italy seasonal Work Visa you must have to follow below mentioned requirements by Italian Government:

  • You must be National of Non-Europe Country.
  • You must have valid Passport.
  • Police Clearance record is Mandatory.
  • Must have Job Offer from Company or a Person who hires you.

Documents Required for Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023:

  • CNIC
  • Passport
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Job Offer Letter
  • NOC
  • Application Form
  • Academic Transcripts
  • 2 X Passport Size Photographs having White Background
  • At least two blank pages in the passport
  • Evidence of Accommodation in Italy.
  • evidence of adequate financial resources.
  • A receipt for the visa fee.
  • Diplomas and other credentials.

Is Italy Seasonal Work Visa Renewable?

  • Yes, you can renew it for more opportunities

How much cost required to get Italy Seasonal Work Visa:

  • 116 Euro for Visa
  • 40 Euro if you want to stay for 3 to 12 Months
  • 50 Euro if you want to stay for 12 to 24 Months

Any Language Proficiency Test Required for Italy Seasonal Work Visa?

  • No, it is not necessary

Duration of Italy Seasonal Work Visa

The initial validity of the Visa was two years. It will also be extendable for another five years. Following that, you can also apply for an EU Blue Card. You can work in any EU country if you have an EU Card.

How to Apply:

italy seasonal work visa 2023 official website

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