IRENA Youth Forum 2024 in UAE| Fully Funded

The IRENA Youth Forum 2024 fifth edition, themed “The New Generation of Decision Makers,” is in the works, courtesy of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). It’s set to happen in Abu Dhabi, UAE, a popular tourist spot. IRENA isn’t just an event—it’s a unique platform for young folks aspiring to boost their know-how in energy transformation using cutting-edge tech and innovative methods.

Looking at the IRENA Youth Forum 2024, it’s not just a conference; it’s a chance for young guns to connect with IRENA professionals, lawmakers, and top-notch scholars globally. This is their stage to dive into IRENA’s mission of pushing sustainable energy development to tackle climate change. Those part of the IRENA Youth Program can turn into assets for their countries, contributing to long-term planning around renewable energy.

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Now, the IREN Young Leaders forum isn’t your typical conference either. It’s got sessions covering everything from presentations to open group discussions, tailor-made for young energy enthusiasts keen on exploring deeper into energy transformation and preservation methods. Plus, there are workshops lined up, giving young minds the chance to grasp energy transition through high-tech methods. IRENA is dead set on making sure young people from all corners of the globe get an equal shot at joining in.

And here’s the kicker: this fully funded opportunity is reaching out to 35 young participants worldwide, giving them an experience like no other. Imagine rubbing shoulders with energy experts; it’s not just about boosting your projects but also crafting policies that can genuinely make society better in more ways than one. The forum’s bigger goal is to help young energy enthusiasts see that energy transition brings benefits way beyond just saving energy—it’s about creating a more all-encompassing view of sustainable development.

Check Details About IRENA Youth Forum 2024


Country United Arab Emirates
Location Abu Dhabi
Last Date April 16, 2024
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Benefits of IRENA Youth Forum 2024

  • This amazing opportunity fully covers the costs for up to 35 participants.
  • This includes travel expenses
  • As well as accommodation for those who are selected to participate.

Eligibility Criteria for IRENA Youth Forum 2024

  • To join in, you need to be in the age range of 16 to 35.
  • Make sure your passport is valid, and you’re up for traveling on the event date.
  • Share a bit about a project you’re working on linked to sustainable energy development.
  • And don’t forget to tell us your expectations for this international youth forum in a statement.
  • What are you hoping to get out of the experience? How do you plan to contribute? Let us in on your thoughts and aspirations.

Documents Required for IRENA Youth Forum 2024

  • Participant’s Resume
  • Please submit the resume in either Word or PDF format.

Deadline of IRENA Youth Forum

January 31, 2024 is the last date of IRENA Youth Forum 2024.

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