General knowledge questions on Pakistan

general knowledge questions

Most important general knowledge questions on Pakistan. mcq general knowledge questions that’s mostly repeated in competition exams. We collected the most important MCQ’s. You need prepare these carefully to ensure the success.

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The man who travels in the space First Time _____________.  Yuri Gagarin

The Solar System Discovered by the _____________.   Galileo

Sun lights best Source for _____________.  Vitamin D

the Average blood volume in the adults _____________.  Five Liters

Universal Donors in the blood groups _____________.  O blood group (O-)

Human head contains the total Number of bones _____________.  22 Bones  

The atomic number of hydrogen gas is _____________.  1

Nobel prize of the peace given the which _____________city. Oslo

The name of first Pakistani personality who became the judge of International court _____________.  Zafarullah khan

UN security council consist the Members _____________.  15 countries

Taj Mahal built by the _____________.  Shah Jahan

G.T road constructed by the _____________.  Sher shah Suri

Lahore built by the _____________.  Akbar

Bibi ka Maqbara constructed by the _____________.  Aurangzeb

Badshahi Mosque constructed by the _____________.  Aurangzeb 

Rohtas Fort constructed by the _____________.  Sher Shah Suri

Moti Masjid was constructed by the _____________.   Sher Shah Suri

Qutab Minar built by the _____________.  Humayun

Agra fort constructed by _____________.   Akbar

Sheesh Mahal Constructed by the _____________.  Shah Jahan

Name of city mentioned in the Holy Quran _____________.  Rome

Perform the hajj first time _____________.  Hazarat Adam & Bibi Hawa

Name of which Sahabi mention in Holy Quran _____________.  Hazarat Zaid

The first tree that grow on the earth _____________.  Date-Palm

The biggest element mentioned in the holy Quran _____________.  Elephant

Smallest animal mention in the holy Quran _____________.  Mosquito

Which bank beats the HBL to become most profitable bank in Pakistan _____________.   Meezan Bank

Who appointed as the chairman of NAB _____________.  ZAHIR SHAH

UN headquarter located in which city _____________.  New York

Total Members of UN states _____________.  193

Number of non-permanent member of UN security Council _____________.  10

The main Motto of UN _____________.   It’s Your World

UN university is situated in which city _____________.  Tokyo

In 1965 which country withdraw from the UN _____________.  Indonesia

Total Number of fields in which Nobel Prize given _____________.  Six

Name of the country awards the Nobel Prize _____________.  Sweden

The country name that wins the more Nobel Prizes _____________. USA

The youngest person who wins the Nobel Prize _____________.  Malala Yousafzai

First Muslim Person who win the Nobel Prize _____________.  Anwar Sadat

Pakistani national anthem approved by the government of Pakistan in _____________.  1954

Who wrote the famous book “the republic” _____________.  Plato

When was the partition of Bengal canceled _____________.   1911

atomic Number was discovered by the _____________.   Mosely

who founded the Pakistan time _____________.  Mian Iftikhar Uddin


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