Fruit Picking/ Dairy farm jobs in Italy 2023

Fruit Picking jobs in Italy 2023

Dairy farm jobs in Italy: Are you looking fruit picking jobs in Italy? Italy is the most attractive and beautiful country in the world where you can see most beautiful places. In this article guide we will tell you about Fruit Picking/ Dairy farm jobs in Italy 2023.

Italy Dairy Farm Jobs:


Welcome to our complete guide on Italy dairy farm jobs, where we search into the extraordinary opportunity of working among the attractive landscapes and pleasing countryside of Italy. If you are intense about agriculture, love animals, and dream of an enhance experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, then look no further. Our guide will provide you with all the necessary perception to go after a satisfying career in dairy farming in Italy.

The glamour of Italy Dairy Farms

Italy, famous for its rich cultural heritage and delicious cooking, offers an equally charming countryside with lush green grazing land and attractive dairy farms. The country’s long-standing tradition of dairy farming dates back centuries, and it continues to play a crucial role in Italy’s rural economy. Dairy farms in Italy are spread across various landscapes, each offering a unique experience.

The Experience of Working on a Dairy Farm in Italy

Embracing Italian Farming Practices

Working on an Italian dairy farm means sink yourself in the time-esteem farming practices that have been passed down through generations. You’ll have the great opportunity to learn from seasoned farmers who have sharpen their skills over years of hands-on experience. From milking cows to nurturing calves, every aspect of dairy farming in Italy is soak in tradition and knowledge.

Cultural Exchange and Language

Living and working in Italy allows you to sink yourself in the local culture and language. Interacting with locals and fellow farmworkers will not only enhance your language skills but also provide valuable insights into the Italian way of life. The kindness and hospitality of the Italian people will make your stay truly memorable.

Amazing Landscapes and ideal Lifestyle

Imagine waking up to the sight of rolling hills and spending your days among green meadows, and suggest authentic Italian cooking made from fresh farm produce. Working on a dairy farm in Italy offers not just a job but a lifestyle that bring up the soul and fosters a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty.

Eligibility and Requirements

Passion for Agriculture and Animal Care

To excel in Italy dairy farm jobs, actual passion for agriculture and animal care is essential. Dairy farming requires dedication, patience, and a readiness to work hard in all weather conditions. Your love for animals and commitment to their well-being will be central to your success.

Basic Knowledge of Dairy Farming

While earlier experience in dairy farming is beneficial, it is not always a strict requirement. Many farms are willing to train motivated individuals who possess a strong desire to learn and contribute positively to the farm’s operations. However, a basic understanding of dairy farming practices and animal farming will give you a head start.

Workability and Team Spirit

Living and working on a dairy farm in a foreign country demand workability and a strong sense of teamwork. As part of a combine farming community, your ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with colleagues will be crucial to maintaining a tuneful work environment.

Why we tell you about Fruit picking & dairy farm jobs

Because dairy farms and fruit picking jobs are most demanded in Italy and the government of Italy announced many fruit picking and dairy farm jobs and the government set 44,000 seasonal jobs like dairy farm, Fruit picking and Tourism etc.

Applicants from all over the world apply for both fruit picking/ dairy jobs 2023, duration of jobs is 9-month, Italy citizen no need work permit to work in Italy.

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If you are interested to apply then all details given below, please read carefully and then apply.

Details about Dairy farm jobs in Italy 2023


Country Italy
Job Type Dairy farm/ Fruit picking
Type of Visa Seasonal work Visa type
No of Visas 44,000

Who can apply?

Both citizen and non-citizen apply for fruit picking jobs, no need of work permit of Italy citizen but work permits are required for foreign workers, total 44,000 visas reserved for foreign workers.

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Types of Farm Jobs in Italy

  1. There are three types of farm jobs.
  2. Farm maintenance jobs
  3. Fruit and vegetable picking jobs
  4. Tending livestock


9-month duration of seasonal work visa jobs, more details about how to apply are given below.

Requirements of Dairy farm jobs in Italy

  • You have a job offer letter from Italian company.
  • You have a valid passport.
  • No criminal record.
  • You have financially stable which mean you support yourself in Italy.
  • Apply before last date.

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How to apply for Fruit Picking jobs in Italy 2023

If you are interested to apply then apply through link that is given below, when you click on link you will be redirect on official website, where you can apply for fruit picking and dairy farm jobs.

Current Job Vacancies

Job Name Location Apply Link
TESAR/ICA ITALIJA, Italija Apply Now
Hospitality Operator Italy Apply Now
Poseur tireur Italie Apply Now
GIS Expert Ispra, Italie Apply Now
System Administrator Ispra, Italy Apply Now
Configuration & Deployment Manager Ispra, Italy Apply Now
Full-stack developer Ispra, Italy Apply Now
GIS Expert Ispra, Italy Apply Now
Admin activity manager Italy Apply Now
Site C12 activity manager Italy Apply Now
Industrial Project Manager M/F Italy Apply Now
Responsible for SD data collection/analysis Italy Apply Now
Contract Manager Italy Italy Apply Now

Apply for Dairy farm jobs in Italy

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