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Basic Computer MCQ Online Test

We collected the most important and most repeated computer mcqs online test relevant. So, if you want to ensure your computer study mcq’s preparation for all types of competitive exams, then this article will prove very helpful for you. The most repeated mcqs of PPSC, NTS, FPSC, and CSS exams with Computer mcq online test pdf given here. Computer science mcqs also most important for us. We will also provide computer mcq online test with answers pdf.

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after processing some inputs computer system provide us some useful results that called

  1. input data
  2. inputs
  3. output
  4. output data

physical parts of computer system that can see by human eyes called

  1. software
  2. programs
  3. applications
  4. hardware

which of the following is the type of RAM memory?

  1. Volatile memory
  2. Non volatile memory
  3. Permanent memory
  4. None of the above

which of the following is the correct type of RAM memory?

  1. Temporary memory
  2. Nonvolatile memory
  3. Permanent memory
  4. None of the above

Electronic machine which gives inputs and convert inputs into useful information after processing that is called

  1. Mouse
  2. CPU
  3. Computer
  4. Monitor

Which of the following is the main unit of the computer machine?

  1. Keyboard
  2. CPU
  3. Mouse
  4. Motherboard

Which of the following is called the volatile memory?

  1. Hard disk
  2. USB drive
  3. SSD
  4. RAM memory

Which of the following device of computer system is not an input device?

  1. CPU
  2. Keyboard
  3. Mouse
  4. Microphones

What is the full form of CPU?

  1. Central product unit
  2. Central popular unit
  3. Central processing unit
  4. Command processing unit

Data or instruction given to the computer system to perform the specific task that is called

  1. Input data
  2. Input
  3. Output data
  4. Output

The software which manages and control the all-hardware components

  1. Applications
  2. System software
  3. VGA
  4. CPU

What is the 2nd name of the main memory?

  1. Primary memory
  2. Secondary memory
  3. CPU
  4. SSD

Storage devices which store the data and all-important programs permanently called

  1. Primary storage
  2. Secondary storage
  3. Processors
  4. None of these

Which one of the following is not the system software

  1. Windows
  2. Utility programs
  3. Microsoft word
  4. Drivers

Which one of the following is not known as secondary storage type devise?

  1. USB drive
  2. Memory Cards
  3. Cache
  4. Hard disk

Which of the following part of the computer system which perform the logical and mathematical operations called

  1. Monitor
  2. CPU
  3. Mother board
  4. System unit

Which of the following is not known as the primary storage device?

  1. Hard disk
  2. Chace
  3. RAM memory
  4. None of these

Which of the following device that is mostly used to enter the data into the computer systems?

  1. Key board
  2. Microphones
  3. Mouses
  4. CPU

A set of computer programs that tells us what is computer doing now?

  1. Hardware
  2. System software
  3. Software
  4. Applications

Which of the following is the common example of applications software’s?

  1. Window
  2. Utility programs
  3. Drivers
  4. MS word

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