Assistant director fia past papers

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assistant director fia past papers

Here we Provide all the Questions with Answers of assistant director fia past papers. These are helpful for all aspirants regarding which type of Paper is of Assistant Director Investigation. if you want to more such type of  Assistant director fia past papers mcqs then please visit our on regulars biases, and so you update on daily biases.

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in which year Hazrat Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم conquered the Makkah?

Answer: Eight Hijri

what is the name of the person who headed the cabinet?

Lord Pethick Lawrence

What is the name of the largest planet of the solar system?


What is the name of the person who called the ‘Conqueror of Egypt’?

Hazarat Umer Bin Al-As

What was the statement that written on the seal of Holy prophet Hazarat Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم?

Allah, Rasool, Muhammad

What is the name of the mosque that popular due to the changes of Qibla?

Masjid-e-Qibla Tain 

Ahmed name of Hazarat Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم mentioned in which Surah of Holy Quran?


what is the name of the person who written the 1st biography on the life of the holy prophet Hazarat Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم?


What is the name of the mosque that founded by the Hazarat Suleiman علیہ السلام?


Which Act that known as the separate electorate freedom Act for Muslims?

Indian council Act 1909

What is the name of the city where headquarter of the organization of Islamic conference (OIC) located?


What was the real name of the prophet who known with the name of Saifullah?

Hazarat Adam علیہ السلام

what is the name of the country where Olympics 2016 held?


What was the name of the prophet who good player of flute?

Hazarat Dawood علیہ السلام

What is the name of the prophet who earned his living by making wallets?

Hazarat Suleiman علیہ السلام

what is the name of 1st Muslims person who sacrificed his one eye in the way of Allah?

Usman Bin Mazoon

What is the name of the person who the 1st martyr of Islam?

Hazarat Haris Bin Hala (RA)

What is the name of the where World Trade Center located?

New York

in which year Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Resign from the Congress Party?


What is the name of the country who separated from Ethiopia by red Sea?


What is the name of 1st capital of Islam common wealth?


What was the name of the 3rd governor general of Pakistan?

Malik Ghulam Muhammad

What was the 1st popular written constitution of the world?

 Misaq e Madina

In which year 1st census held legally in Pakistan?


Objective resolution was passed in which year?

12 March 1949

What was the name of the person who wrote the national anthem for the Pakistan?

Hafeez Jalandhri

What is the name of the person who known as the 1st Muslim socialist?

Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari (RA)

What is the name of the 1st person who name the biography on the life Holy prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم?

Ibn-e- Ishaq

How many numbers of planets that are visible without using telescope?


Which thing that used for making pencils?


Rehman Baba is the famous name in poetry of which language?


What was the name of the 1st chief minister of KPK?

Abdul Qayyum Khan

Part-I English

1) He pleads for sanity in a……world

    • Lunatic

2) Argosy means

    • A Big Trading Fish

3) Hortatory means

    • Encouraging

4) Antonym of Quotidian

    • Extraordinary

5) Jonathan is not home today, ….you trying calling him tomorrow

    • I suggest

6) Synonym of Emancipate is

    • Release

7) Saad often…….late at night

    • Works

8) The Ship is bound …..US.

    • for

9) I am…….sure of it as you are

    • as

10) He Writes……ink

    • in

11) She is afraid…….spiders

    • of

12) A Compound Sentence must have

    • Independent Clause

13) The baby cried for food. The Sentence is

    • Simple Sentence

14) Synonym of Trepidition

    • Fear

14) JIT was formed to investigate matter. Bold letter JIT is

    • Collective Noun

 Part-II General Intelligence

15) On Turkeys Request the National Name of Turkey has been changed from “Turkey” to

    • Turkiye

16) Country reported its first Covid-19 case on May 12 2022 is

    • North Korea

17) Pakistan National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) was founded in which Year

    • 2008

18) When the “World Bicycle Day” celebrated

    • June 3

19) “World Braille Day”

    • January 4

20) Country which is the Largest Arms importer in the world

    • Saudi Arabia

21) Which Country hosts OIC Foreign Ministers 47th meeting

    • Niger

22) Name of Foreign Minister of Spain who visited Pakistan in Sept 2021

    • Jose Manuel Albares

23) Pakistan won how many medals in Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

    • Three (Silver, Bronze, Gold)

24) Which British Foreign Secretary visited Pakistan in 2021

    • Dominic Raab

25) What is the name of First Black Women Judge confirmed by USA Supreme Court

    • Ketanji Brown Jackson

26) Country that has hosting rights of the 2026 Comman Wealth games

    • Australia

27) Who acquired Twitter for $44

    • Elon Musk

28) Country which makes 93 million people out of Poverty since 2013

    • China

29) Which Pakistani recently received Ramon Magsasay award

    • Muhammad Amjad Saqib

30) Fibula is the bone found in one of the following of human body

    • Leg

31) ……..can help Bats to Fly in Dark

    • Ultrasonic waves

32) One of the Following can be manufactured by wood

    • Paper

33) Rate of Photosynthesis will be, at the time of solar Eclipse,

    • Slows down/decreased

34) The sound waves cannot travel through

    • Vacuum

35) Systematic Scientific Study of “Teeth” is

    • Odontology

36) Sir Fredrick Banting Discovered one of the following vaccines

    • Insulin

37) Bamboo belongs to

    • Grass Family

38) Glucose Syrup is commonly made from

    • Maize

39) Which one of the following is the most abundant element of Earth’s crust

    • Oxygen

40) The most sensitive layer of eye is

    • Cornea

41) Which is the slowest rotating planet

    • Venus

42) Deficiency of Vitamin-D in our body causes

    • Rickets

43) Metallic element liquid at normal room Temperature is

    • Mercury

44) Lactometer is an instrument used to check purification of

    • Milk

45) Major ingredient of leather

    • Collagen

46) If a>b and b>a then

    • Cannot be Evaluated

47) Arithmetic mean between x-3 and x+3 is

    • x

48) A single arithmetic mean AM between f and g is

    • (f+g)/2

49) The ratio equivalent to 3:7 is

    • 9:21

50) When did the current president of US Joe Biden took oath as president

    • January 20,2021

51) WHO declared Covid-19 as pandemic in

    • March 2020

52) Which is the name of the project European Union announced in December 2021 to support infrastructure development around the World?

    • Global Gateway

53) Who is General Secretary of United Nations?

    • Antonio Gutteris

54) Where the 47th G7 summit was held in which country

    • England

55) Country hosted the ASEAN summit 2020 is

    • Vietnam

56) Which country has world’s fastest super computer

    • USA

57) Who is current chancellor of Germany

    • Olaf Scholz

58) Which one is northern end of Pakistani side of CPEC

    • Khunjerab Pass

59) Which country is the southern neighbor of United States of America

    • Mexico

60) The Federal Investigation Agency FIA cames into existence in

    • 13 January 1975

61) Federal Investigation Agency is Constituted under section…….of the FIA act

    • Section 3

62) The Director General (DG) of FIA is selected by

    • Federal Government

63) The Superintendence of FIA vests in

    • Federal Government

64) ……..of FIA act contains the powers of member of the agency

    • 5

65) Power of arrest without warrant has been entrusted to…….under the FIA Act.

    • Sub Inspector

66) The Director General of the agency exercises power like

    • IG of Police

67) When Property under investigation is apprehend to be transferred, an order to restrained its transfer may be made by

    • Member of the agency

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