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English mcqs pdf

Download English mcqs pdf (multiple choice questions) are necessary part of English language as assignment. These MCQ’s designed to evaluate the understanding and perfection level of students. The main purpose of this English mcqs pdf to enhance the perfection level of students in English language.

This general English mcqs pdf will help the students to improve their English language in different aspects like grammar structure, vocabulary, spelling mistakes, punctuations, reading comprehension and more. Using this English mcqs pdf students can easily identify the weak areas of English language and start the more struggle on these areas.

Regular practice of this pdf will not only enhance the English language skills but also provide you awareness about the asking common questions in different competition exams.

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What is the meaning of “CAP IT ALL”?

  1. To cover everything
  2. To seize everything
  3. To finish
  4. To occur

What is the meaning of “Never-never land”?

  1. An Ideal place
  2. Dream place
  3. Worthless place
  4. Useless place

What is the meaning of “Hornet’s nest”?

  1. A bee’s house
  2. A Violent situation
  3. Good situation
  4. Bad situation

She ___________ a book when I entered the room.

  1. reads
  2. is reading
  3. was read
  4. read

“I _____ finished my homework before dinner.”

  1. have
  2. has
  3. had
  4. was

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which of the following word that correctly spelled:

  1. Neccessary
  2. Necessery
  3. Necessary
  4. Necessary

which of the following word correctly spelled:

  1. Embarras
  2. Embarras
  3. Embarrass
  4. Embarriss

Which of the following word spellings is correct?

  1. Conscientious
  2. Conscietious
  3. Conscienctious
  4. Consciencious

Tick the correctly spelled word:

  1. Separete
  2. Seperrate
  3. Separate
  4. Separate

I _______ my homework yesterday.

  1. was doing
  2. have done
  3. had done
  4. did

She is _______ than her sister.


  1. much taller
  2. tallest
  3. much tall
  4. taller

Tina and _______ are going to the movies tonight.

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  1. You
  2. we
  3. her
  4. I

She is _____ stopped and cannot walk more.

  1. more
  2. too
  3. such
  4. so much

She was eating the meat, when he _____ in.

  1. is walk
  2. walks
  3. walked
  4. was walking

What is the meaning of FAQ?

  1. frequently asked question
  2. friend asked questions
  3. favorite asked questions
  4. fundamental asked question

My first lesson __________kindness came from my father.

  1. Upon
  2. About
  3. In
  4. On

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The meat is very good _______ that hotel.

  1. at
  2. of
  3. in
  4. with

When I was walking, she________ playing the cricket.

  1. Was
  2. Must be
  3. Were
  4. Is

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Green pepper is very famous __________ vitamin C?

  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on

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