2nd Year English Past Papers Solved

2nd Year English Past Papers

All Students of Intermediate Part II are searching for 2nd Year English Past Papers Solved so that they can prepare well for their Examination. So, in this article we’ll provide you 2nd Year English Past Papers Solved. You can easily download it in PDF Format and prepare it.

These Past Papers 2nd Year solved boost your preparation because you don’t need to search for any Particular Question. All Questions with their Answers including Objectives are given in a solved Manner.

2nd Year English Past Papers have been gathered from different Punjab Board’s last 5 years Papers I.e., bise Lahore, bise Sargodha, bise Faisalabad, bise Sahiwal, bise Multan, bise Gujranwala etc.

Download: 2nd Year English Past Papers Punjab Board

This will help a lot for students all over the Punjab. So, you must prepare it before going to exam because maximum portion will be covered through this 2nd Year English Past Paper Solved.

12th Class Past papers of 2nd year English

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Is it Necessary to Prepare from 2nd Year English Past Papers Solved

  • Through Past Papers, you will come to know about Paper Pattern and according to Paper Pattern you will be prepared yourself.
  • A Candidate having full preparation will solve Past Papers for his Revision and time management.
  • Past papers make you able to find most important Questions.
  • Identify your weak Areas.
  • Release exam pressure.

Is it Helpful for me to Prepare for Exam?

Of Course, it will be, because last 5 years Punjab Boards papers have been covered in it and all are in a solved manner. If you prepare for it all, you’ll be able to get good marks in your exam. All types of students can learn from Past Papers 2nd Year PDF.

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How much Marks can I Obtain after Complete Preparation Past Papers 2nd Year Solved?

It all depends upon your hardworking. Regular Practicing is mandatory. If you work consistently, you will easily get 75+ marks. But these solved papers don’t mean to skip your preparation from another source. You’ll make yourself prepared from all sources.

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2nd Year English Past Papers Punjab Board

Intermediate Students find 2nd Year English Past Papers Punjab Board both subjective and objective Past Papers, In tis article we will provide you both Subjective and Objective 2nd Year English Past Papers Punjab Board.

In the bottom of this article we will provide link Download link of 2nd Year English Past Papers.

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If anyone wants to download 2nd year English past papers pdf, we added the link of PDF at the bottom of the article. you will easily Download 2nd year English past papers pdf.

The writer could not consume the books one by one in study fire

  1. deck
  2. decorate
  3. eat
  4. burn up

The headmaster showed discernment in judging Churchill ‘s ability

  1. mystery
  2. affection
  3. rejection
  4. wisdom

France and Germany plunged into war

  1. Avoided
  2. Spread
  3. Loved
  4. Entered

The stars are immense balls of fire

  1. Lovely
  2. Big
  3. Small
  4. Shining

Three strenuous at last ended

  1. Beautiful
  2. Long
  3. Tough
  4. Easy

the writer put a blot and a smudge on the paper

  1. Marks
  2. Pictures
  3. Drawings
  4. Circles

They slaughtered a camel for water

  1. Caught
  2. Killed
  3. Fed
  4. Washed

Download: 2nd Year English Past Papers Rawalpindi Board

Fleming was not happy with a limelight

  1. Money
  2. Fame
  3. Knowledge
  4. Family

He thought he was suffering from the liver disease in its virulent

  1. Weak
  2. Vague
  3. Strong
  4. Cured

Nice and a half million people perished in a single famine

  1. Penalized
  2. Suffered
  3. Died
  4. Deserted

It was a formidable type of transport

  1. Fine
  2. Hard
  3. Terrifying
  4. Easily

They went to a well to replenish their water bottles

  1. Empty
  2. Wash
  3. Fill
  4. Refill

The heat was incredible

  1. Bearable
  2. Unbearable
  3. Increasing
  4. Decreasing

It was fascinating little town

  1. Expensive
  2. Charming
  3. Daring
  4. Distant

Good Bye Mr. Chips (choose the right option for the underlined word) 

Chips was suffering from anno domini

  1. Old age
  2. Malaria
  3. Cold
  4. Coldness

Chips did not want to receive condolences

  1. Gifts
  2. Sympathies
  3. Curses
  4. Prayers

Brookfield was a heaven for chips

  1. Grave
  2. Shelter
  3. Play ground
  4. Battle field

Chhatris was modern and somesthetic

  1. Cruel
  2. Wise
  3. kind
  4. great

Mr. Chips was a live wire

  1. Dull
  2. Slow
  3. Energetic
  4. Covered

About half of the gigantic area the under French control

  1. Desert
  2. Small
  3. Huge
  4. Barren

Chips eyes gained sparkles

  1. Problem
  2. Sure
  3. Light
  4. Shine

 Download: 2nd Year English Past Papers Punjab Board

Choose the correct prepositions

He is blind in _____________one eye

  1. In
  2. Of
  3. With
  4. From

He is looking ____________ the matter

  1. At
  2. To
  3. Into
  4. On

He takes ________________ his father

  1. To
  2. After
  3. From
  4. By

Nadeem is addicted___________ heroin

  1. For
  2. Of
  3. With
  4. To

This house is to live ____________

  1. In
  2. On
  3. At
  4. With

My brother is good in ­­_____________ mathematics

  1. In
  2. At
  3. Of
  4. With

He is not entitled _____________ vote

  1. Of
  2. For
  3. To
  4. In

Please call __________ the doctor

  1. Of
  2. In
  3. On
  4. With

He deals ___________ sugar

  1. Of
  2. At
  3. In
  4. Up

Nadeem is blind _____________ one eye

  1. To
  2. On
  3. Of
  4. In

Trust _______Allah

  1. In
  2. With
  3. That
  4. Of

You should abstain smoking

  1. Of
  2. from
  3. again
  4. on

he fell prey ___________ cholera

  1. of
  2. from
  3. with
  4. to

the Muslims fought ______ independence

  1. of
  2. against
  3. for
  4. with

do not interfere _______ affairs

  1. with
  2. in
  3. over
  4. at

he did not agree ___________ you in this issue

  1. on
  2. to
  3. by
  4. with

she congratulated him ________ his success

  1. for
  2. on
  3. to
  4. of

he walked all the way ___________ foot

  1. at
  2. by
  3. on
  4. with

he is blind _______ reason

  1. about
  2. of
  3. in
  4. to

he was converted ___________ Islam to 1960

  1. for
  2. with
  3. to
  4. at

she is blind ___________ her weakness

  1. to
  2. at
  3. of
  4. in

my friends always grumble ____________ his lot

  1. in
  2. an
  3. at
  4. of

the bagger is lame ________ one leg

  1. on
  2. with
  3. at
  4. of

the patient was operated ___________

  1. on
  2. upon
  3. with
  4. of

How to Prepare for 2nd Year English Paper:

  • Identify Weak Areas:
    • First, analyze your weak area, in which portion you need to focus more and then work hard on it by giving proper time.
  • Timetable:
    • Make a Proper Timetable to cover all syllabuses before Exam.
  • Work Consistently:
    • Consistency is the best way to get success. Work consistently, it will make it easy for you to prepare for Exams. Without Consistency, you will be burdened to cover all syllabus at once which is not possible.

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