2nd year computer past papers rawalpindi board

2nd year computer past papers

Rawalpindi board of Punjab Pakistan conducts the exams of intermediate level students. computer science paper considers as compulsory and most important paper for intermediate students. Students can enhance their computer skills during exam preparation. Students can easily understand the pattern of computer exams and difficulty level of exams using computer science past papers. In this article we will take a closer look at the 2nd year computer past papers rawalpindi board.

We will also share the important tips and tricks with the student to ensure their success in the upcoming computer science examination. You will download and reading the 2nd year computer past papers rawalpindi board after complete reading this article.

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Why we use ics part 2 computer past papers

We use 2nd year computer past papers rawalpindi board due to serval reasons. We will discuss all these reason in below section.

Paper pattern understanding: first of all, before starting preparation, you need to understand the pattern of upcoming exams. You will need to study the marking scheme, allocation marks according to each section, time allocation to each question, difficulty level of each section. You can do all this work by preparing the past papers. You can solve the upcoming exams in better way only using the past papers.

Syllabus review: you will need to review or go through the whole syllabus for guessing the preparation level of upcoming exams. After reading the complete paper you can easily identify that are you covered the whole topic of syllabus? Where you will need to take more time or where you feel difficulty or which topics not prepared yet according to your mind.

Practice: practice is the key to success you will need more practice on past paper questions and all those questions that’s asked in other different exams. More practice also improves your time management skills and efficiency of paper solving.

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Analyzing the Performance: after solving past papers you will need to evaluate your performance in the past papers because without checking performance you will not understand where you are weak. According to my experience last performance in past papers is actual performance of students. This analysis will help you to improve the weak topics of syllabus during revision.

Time management skills: time management is more important factor during solving final exams. You can improve your time management skill by solving more and more on past papers especially computer science. You will need to manage their paper in allocated time many students can’t manage their paper in given time so, due to this reason they are fail in exams. During the paper solving every mint or every second is more important so, you will need to more focus on improving time management skill.

Writing skills: most important factor in all papers is how can you attempt the paper? You can improve your writing skills by attempting different past papers. Pay attention on the question structure and clarity of your writing.

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How to download 2nd year computer past papers rawalpindi board

You should need to visit the website ustadjob.com regularly for getting more updates about different past papers uploads. Now you can download 2nd year computer science past papers rawalpindi board with answer keys by clicking on below link/button.

Download now 2nd year computer past papers 

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